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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geriatric Care Management?

Geriatric Care Management, also known as Aging Life Care Professionals, is a profession which provides a holistic approach for elders and other dependent adults. Areas of focus are: caregiving and family, health and safety, values and well-being, advocacy, housing, legal, financial, local and national resources, and crisis intervention.

What is the difference between Geriatric Care Managers and Aging Life Care Professionals?

They are the same. Our National Association, Aging Life Care Association www.aginglifecare.org,  several years ago changed the name in an effort to clarify what we do as a profession and separate us from those who call themselves geriatric care managers or care managers for the elderly and various other names or state in their advertising they provide geriatric care management, without the credentials.

Assessments and Careplans

Purpose of Assessment: 

A holistic assessment of the elders’ abilities and background is necessary to provide care and assistance that is tailored to the elders needs and goals. Involved family needs are also included.

Included in an Assessment:

I provide an assessment and care plan, in which I spend significant time interviewing, assessing and creating a professional report. This care plan includes a one-hour meeting to review my completed report and recommendations.

Areas covered:

· Physical, emotional and cognitive health of elder(s)

· Caregiving situation

· Current home assessment

· Safety and security

· Options for living situation current and future

· Legal and financial review

Included in a Careplan:

· Understanding family’s strengths, resources, availability and challenges in supporting the elder or the parental caregiving situation.

· Setting and reasonable and attainable expectations and goals.

· Short-term goals with insight and resources on attaining them.

· Longer term goals with insight and resources.

· Managing hospitalizations & rehabilitation facilities.

· Moving to Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing Facilities.

· Understanding your rights and responsibilities as the agent of the durable power of attorney for healthcare.

· Understanding your rights and responsibilities as agent or trustee for finances.

· How to manage healthcare and/ or finances if there is no agent or trustee.

· Techniques to promote cooperation and family harmony.

Knowledgeable Support

After the assessment and careplan are completed, ongoing support can include the following:

· Navigating the day-to-day demands, challenges and responsibilities of supporting and caregiving. Including Covid-19 concerns and support.

· Positive and effective communication techniques.

· Supporting the primary caregiver and the entire caregiving situation.

· Setting ongoing and ever changing reasonable and attainable expectations and goals.

· How to work best with other family. Especially if you do not agree on the best course of action.

· Working well with the healthcare team.

· Forming your social network, also called care circle.

· Managing your rights and responsibilities as the agent of the durable power of attorney for healthcare.

· Managing your rights and responsibilities as agent or trustee for finances.

· Coaching on how to manage healthcare and/ or finances if there is no agent or trustee.

· Guidance in determining the best living situation for the elder.

· Coaching around your guilt, fear, anger and general feelings of being overwhelmed

· End of life care.

· Local resources.

Specifically for Families Dealing with Alzheimer’s or a Related Dementia

· Understanding the changes in cognition and behavior that come with Alzheimer’s and other dementia’s.

· How to communicate effectively for better outcomes.

· Keeping the person engaged and active

· When and where to place (Assisted Living, Memory Care or Skilled Nursing Facility)

· Managing typical Alzheimer’s and other dementia behaviors such as:

  •  Repetitive questions
  •  Refusing services and care
  •  Anger, fear and suspiciousness
  •  Accusing others
  •  Confusion and safety
  •  Disturbing neighbors or others
  •  Sleep disturbance
  •  Wandering

Coaching Sessions


For families who live outside the San Luis Obispo Area, I provide a coaching session service. I provide a one-hour coaching session for families who have concerns regarding their loved ones and for folks who are concerned about aging challenges for themselves. My area of expertise is Alzheimer’s dementia; however, I have coached on other medical, social, family and related aging topic’s. Included in the one-hour session, I follow-up with a brief summary of the conversation and any resources, with available links, that were discussed. For this coaching service the fee is $100.00.


Family and Community Education

As a professional trainer and speaker and gerontologist with 30 years experience in many different environments (Assisted Living, Adult Day Program, State Certified Ombudsman) working with seniors and their families, I am uniquely qualified to speak on a wide variety of topics regarding seniors and aging.

With the exception of medical, legal and financial subjects, I will work with the community or organization to present a knowledgeable and engaging presentation on seniors and aging. Alzheimer’s and dementia of course is my area of expertise and I have extensive experience speaking and training on this topic.

Community organizations are welcome and encouraged to contact me to provide a presentation to the public. The following link provides some examples of the wide variety of topics already presented. Additionally, please refer to the Blog page for recorded workshops, youtube videos, podcasts and articles.

Professional Education and Motivational Speaker

In person professional training is a minimum of two hours in length and minimum of 15 people in attendance.

Zoom trainings minimum is one hour.

Professional education intended for the following professionals:

  • Direct Care Staff 
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers and Case Management
  • OT and PT
  • Recreation Therapists
  • Art and Music Therapists

A certificate of attendance with hours attended will be provided for you to submit to your governing boards for approval.

All topics are one hour unless noted. Request your desired topics in one presentation to your team. Most popular are Practicing Kindness: Communication with the Cognitively Impaired, and Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors: Better Practices

Courses are:

  •  Alzheimer’s and Dementia: An Overview
  •  Practicing Kindness: Communication with the Cognitively Impaired (2 Hours)
  •  Sex, Love and Aging: Challenges in LTC and In-Home
  •  Eating and Alzheimer’s: How to help them eat and eat nutritiously
  •  Alzheimer’s and Dementia Behaviors: Better Practices (2 Hours)
  •  Providing Quality Personal Care for those with Alzheimer’s Dementia
  •  Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia (2 Hours)
  •  End of Life and Hospice Training for Alzheimer’s & Dementia
  •  Understanding your Residents World View for LTC Communities
  •  Enhancing Activities for People Living with Dementia (2 hours)
  •  Dementia Care Practice Recommendations (3 Hours)

 I also can prepare and deliver a professional training on a wide variety of older adult topics to suit your organizations need.

Cost: The cost for professional training is $200 per hour plus travel.

Motivational Speaker:

I have extensive experience presenting at conferences and other large workshops. This can be done in-person (when available) and via a virtual platform. I can and have spoken on a wide variety of topics related to aging and/ or Alzheimer’s dementia.* I welcome your inquires to provide an engaging and informative presentation for your conference / workshop. 

Please email at at alexandramorrisgcm@gmail.com

* The host is responsible for CEU’s.

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